Analysis of the project

studie_web_Stránka_01Comparing several Puppet Theatre Dramatizations of a Norwegian Folk-tale by Zuzana D. Vojtíšková.

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1. One story, two interpretations, two stage renditions
2. The Norwegian folk-tale Østenfor Sol og Vestenfor Måne
3. The search for an international production format and its outcome
4. Comparison with the Norská pohádka by Buchty a loutky
5. Audience reaction in the Czech Republic
6. Educational workshops about the productions (this chapter written by Anna Hrnečková)
7. Audience reaction in Norway
8. Working with the folk-tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon in the international seminar of Bernd Ogrodnik
9. The historical proscenium puppet theatre with text written by the Nobel Laureate for literature, Sigrid Undset
10. The British puppet folk-tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon
11. Evaluation of the project’s contribution