National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS)

The basic mission of the National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture (NIPOS) is to promote the development of culture, in particular to foster the socio-cultural and creative activities of the general public, locally and regionally, with regard to amateur artistic activities and the public use of copyrighted works; to provide information services and expertise to the bodies and staff of local and regional authorities, to State administration, civic associations and other entities active in local and regional culture; all the while drawing on theoretical and practical knowledge gleaned from analytical and research activities in the cultural sphere, relying on own research as well as on expertise from different artistic disciplines.

NIPOS undertakes its activities through its individual departments:

The ARTAMA Department offers and provides professional service in areas of amateur art, organizes or professionally provides for workshops and seminars, shows, festivals, competitions; provides comprehensive information on the subject-matter of amateur art, working with associations, cultural institutions and schools. Given the organization’s membership in INGOs it is able to contribute to the development of international cooperation in the various fields of amateur art.

The CIK Department (Centre for Information and Cultural Statistics) is to provide the national statistical service for the entire field of culture, in cooperation with the Czech Statistical Office. The Department, based on statistical surveys, collates, processes and disseminates information relating to a wide range of cultural entities.

The KAM Department (Department of Policy and Methodology) produces cultural analyses, research, training and strategic documents, as well as organizing professional meetings and providings legal advice in the cultural sphere. The Department is connected to other cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The editors of the ‘Local Culture’ magazine are preparing an Internet magazine, monitoring cultural life across the Czech Republic. The area of interested extends to everything which impacts the cultural goings-on in localities and regions.


Puppeteers in Chrudim

Puppeteers in Chrudim – one of the oldest puppet festivals in the world. It has come to be the meeting place of puppeteers, where different approaches and methods can face-off, as well as a vantage point for puppeteers to broaden their knowledge. Regular invitees include professional puppetry ensembles, to enhance the supplementary programme, and professional puppeteers, to lead workshops and seminars. ‘Puppeteers in Chrudim’ is conceived much like a laboratory, from which both amateur and professional artists can draw inspiration.