ANPU Theater

ANPU Theatre was founded in 1999 by the author, actress and director Bela Schenková. ANPU is an experimental artistic puppetry and alternative theatre which follows the tradition of nomadic theatres. Its theatre productions are based on the contrast of humour and poetry, dramatic tension and suggestive sight-and-sound atmosphere. Performances effectively and functionally blend local actors with puppets, masks, shadows and other artistic principles.

The home of ANPU Theatre is, as of August 2005 the theatre marquee which ANPU Theatre regularly puts up as part of Pragues summer “Letní Letná” event and also on Prague’s Kampa Island.

ANPU Theatre represents the Czech alternative scene not only throughout the Czech Republic, but also at festivals abroad (Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Austria). Director Bela Schenková uses the principles of ANPU theatrical productions also when in residence in ‘walled’ theatres.


Bela Schenková

Actress, puppeteer, stage director and set designer, graduated from the puppetry faculty of the Dramatic Arts Academy, DAMU. She gained practical experience in 1988–1992 in the TUJU Experimental Studio, based at Divadelní pouť and Divadlo v Řeznické. With this troupe she toured Europe Mexico and the USA. In 1992 she dramatized The Little Prince and “Kdo mi to uvěří, pane Moody?” (‘Who’ll believe me, Mr. Moody?’) for Prague’s theatre Minor. Since 1998 she has worked with the French troupe Voliere Dromesco on their performance of “La baraque”. In 1999 she founded the alternative art theatre ANPU and a year later worked with Divadlo Bratří Formanů (the Forman Brothers theatre) on their dramatization of “Nachové plachty” (‘Scarlet Sails’).
In the last three years Bela Schenková has been engaged primarily in directing at various Czech and Slovak theatres (Divadlo Lampion Kladno, Divadlo Šumperk, Bábkové divadlo Na rázcestí Banská Bystrica etc.)
Her dramatization “O Nosáčovi” put together for the Kladno based theatre Lampion ( won the 2012 Vojta Šálek viewers’ prize at the festival Dítě v Dlouhé.
In 2013 she participated as a puppeteer in Qatar, recording a 32 part puppet serial for Aljazeera TV.

Barka Zichová

Designer and illustrator. Graduated from the alternative and puppet theatre faculty of the Dramatic Arts Academy, DAMU in Prague. For her dissertation work, undertaken at the drama school in Wroclav, she was awarded the Josef Hlávka prize. She co-authored the interior design of the new building of Prague’s theatre Minor, which was declared Building of the Year 2002. She also designed that theatre’s logo. As a scenographer she has or is currently working with theatres such as ANPU, Divadlo Bratří Formanů, Naivní divadlo Liberec, Divadlo Lampion in Kladno…
She illustrates books and textbooks for children, her illustrations for the book Bubela earned her a nomination for the 2013 Zlatá stuha (‘Golden sash’) award.
She also makes papier-mâché puppets and jewellery.

Zuzana Vojtíšková

A theatrical and radio dramaturge, she graduated from the alternative and puppet theatre faculty of the Dramatic Arts Academy, DAMU. Between 2006–2013 she worked in dramaturgy at Divadlo Lampion in Kladno, where in cooperation with numerous directors and artists she put on 32 plays for children. (She worked e.g. with director Arnošt Goldflam, the world-renowned mime artist Jiří Bilbo Reidinger, as well as Bela Schenková and Petr Vodička, to name but a few). The drama “O Nosáčovi”, which came into being in cooperation with director Bela Schenková and designer Barka Zichová, won the 2012 Vojta Šálek viewers’ prize at the festival Dítě v Dlouhé.
Since 1993 to the present day, Zuzana Vojtíšková has been working in Czech Radio, where she takes care of literary-dramatization for programmes such as “Hajaja” (goodnight stories), “četba na pokračování” (serialised book narration), “nedělní pohádka” (the Sunday fairytale), “rozhlasová hra” (radio drama) etc.
In 2013 she undertook the role of expert editor for the publication “Živé dědictví loutkářství” – Living Legacy of Puppetry (published by AMU). She publishes expert reviews and articles in magazines such as “Loutkář” (The Puppeteer), “Amatérská scéna” (The amateur scene), and is an ad hoc contributor to the drama journal Divadelní noviny.