Czech puppeteers to perform at Olympic Games venue


During the weekend of 10-11 October, the Norwegian cities of Hamar and Lillehammer will host four performances of two distinct dramatizations of the folk tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon. This will be the culmination of the international Norwegian-Icelandic-Czech project “Comparing several Puppet Theatre Dramatizations of a Norwegian Folk-tale”.

The project gave rise to two dramatization versions of on the same folk tale, which belongs among the best known in Norway. The renowned ensemble “Buchty a loutky” will present its wooden mannequin production to an international audience, and the Norwegian international version – which was put together in May and June in Prague jointly by the Czech theatre ANPU and Norwegian actors – will have its Norwegian première.

The first part of the international project, which took place in the Czech Republic and peaked at the “Loutkářská Chrudim” puppetry festival, proved how highly beneficial and meaningful it was to illustrate to a children’s audience that in art, far from there being just one way, there are countless possibilities. The children took part not only as spectators, but also by actively creating during a short workshop, which focused on reviewing the performances they’d seen and also on deepening these viewers’ experience by having them produce their own take on the folk-tale’s key moments, using diverse materials such as paper, plastic, natural artefacts etc.

The Norwegian audience – children and adults alike – have an interesting experience to look forward to during this upcoming weekend, to see how something they regard as their national story is perceived by Czech puppeteers, what themes they consider key, how the Czechs stylize Norway, how differently they regard the North wind and animals that help the folk-tale heroine on her way to growing up and finding the man she loves.

Buchty a loutky will be giving three performances of their production in Norway. The second version, i.e. the Czech-Norwegian production of the folk-tale East of the Sun, West of the Moon will remain in Norway and will tour the regions of Hedmark and Oppland. The Norwegians will thus meet with the Czech concept of alternative and puppet theatre and the creative principles of ANPU Theatre.

The Project is supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and organized by ‘The National Information and Consulting Centre for Culture’ (NIPOS) in cooperation with the ANPU Theatre, Teater Innlandet from Hamar and the ensembles Buchty a loutky and Bruduheimar – World of Puppets.


“Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu” (NIPOS) is a contributory organization of the Czech Ministry of Culture. Its main objective is to promote the development of culture and the creative activities of the public especially in the regions, with an emphasis on amateur arts.

ANPU Theatre was founded by the author, actress and director Bela Schenková as an experimental, creative, puppet and alternative theatre, continuing the tradition of travelling theatres.

Teater Innlandet is the regional theatre of the two Norwegian regions of Hedmark and Oppland. It brings to its audience a diverse range of productions by genre and type, for all age groups.

Buchty a loutky is an independent alternative puppet theatre, playing for children and adults. It takes part in one-off projects in the field of non-traditional theatre, puppet and animated film, and projects linking drama with music.

Bruduheimar – World of Puppets is the theatre of Bernd Ogrodnik, director, puppet master and artistic director of the Icelandic Centre of Puppetry Arts, who lives in Iceland, having worked for ten years in the USA and Canada, and leads workshops all over the world.  

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