Time schedule

2. 2.–30. 4. 2015


The dramaturgical, administrative and scenographic preparation of the Czech-Norwegian productions. Production of sets, costumes and puppets.


4. 5.–12. 6. 2015

Production testing

Rehearsing of the Czech-Norwegian productions (arranged by ANPU Theatre in cooperation with the actors of Theatre Innlandet).


12. 6.–7. 7. 2015

Putting on the productions in the Czech Republic

Putting on the Czech-Norwegian production + the production by ‘Buchty a loutky’ in Liberec, in Hradec Králové and at the ‘Puppeteers in Chrudim’ festival.


30. 6.–6. 7. 2015

Educational workshops at the ‘Puppeteers in Chrudim’ festival

Bernd Ogrodnik Workshop (Bruduheimar – World of Puppets) + Buchty a loutky Workshop. Short-term research on audience reaction.


8.–11. 10. 2015

Putting on the productions in Norway

The opening of the Czech-Norwegian production in Hamar + putting on the Buchty a loutky performances in Norway.