Alternative Puppet Theatre Buchty a loutky

An independent alternative puppet theatre, playing for children and adults. It was founded in 1991 by graduates of the Puppetry Department of Prague’s DAMU. Since then it has had been through over fifty theatrical titles for children and adults, many one-time projects in the field of non-traditional theatre, puppet and animated film, art events, as well as connecting with music theatre Projects (e.g. the Baroque opera Calisto with Collegium Marianum).

Buchty a loutky apply the unorthodox to create a unique theatrical poetic form. The handle classic titles and their own works with ease, unmistakable humour, an emphasis on the artistic interplay of old toys, rusted iron and the latest technology, and with original, often live-performed or emerging music.

Currently the Buchty a loutky theatre is a permanent guest in the Studio of the Švanda Theatre in Smíchov, Prague, where it also has its organizational support. However, it is ever on the road. It gives some 260 performances a year, not only in Prague, but throughout the Czech Republic and abroad. Buchty a loutky belongs to the best that theatre has to offer, abroad, as well as in the Czech Republic.