Bruduheimar – World of Puppets (Bernd Ogrodnik)

Bernd Ogrodnik is a director and puppeteer, born in Germany, and since 1986 living in Iceland. He spent ten years working in the USA and Canada. Thanks to his education in classical music and fine woodcraft, Bernd Ogrodnik has become a significant figure in the puppetry world, going right back to 1986.

He is the artistic director and co-founder of The Icelandic Centre of Puppetry Arts and is active as a puppeteer in the National Theatre of Iceland.

As a performer, director and lecturer at international puppet theatre festivals, conferences and academic meetings, he has toured throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Asia. He has performed, directed and created works not only for various theatres and opera houses around the world, but also for museums, television, film and advertising.

For his work he uses marionettes and other types of puppets as well as masks. Bernd Ogrodnik has gained world renown thanks to his pioneering scenographic work and as the main puppeteer of the marionette film “Strings”, which screened in cinemas around the world and received nominations and awards at the world’s top film festivals.

Bernd Ogrodnik is involved in various grant projects and has won awards both in Iceland and on the international stage.